Paul Schmid is a really nice guy, an award winning illustrator, designer, artist and internationally published author and illustrator of picture books for children. 

His art and writing have been honored by The Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts and Print Magazines, the Maurice Sendak Fellowship, the Society of American Travel Writers, Kirkus Magazine, and others.

All that is fine, but Paul has not yet managed to cook roast duck as crispy and delicious as his grandmother's.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Paul now lives in Seattle.

email: paul@paulschmidstudio.com


In 2010 Paul was invited to spend a month with Maurice Sendak at a Fellowship with 3 other picture book artists. Here's an excerpt from Paul's 2011 interview on Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast:

"The fellowship was one of those experiences that start out being so astounding one can hardly believe it, and end as something warm and personal and wonderful. Maurice is a funny, generous, brilliant man who lives deeply. I’m convinced that is the reason his books are so substantial and enduring.

What did we do at the fellowship? We mostly worked. I drew, took long walks in the Connecticut woods, drew, wrote, talked to the Fellows, and drew and wrote some more. Kind of what I imagine paradise to be, except it wasn’t in Hawaii."


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