Little Bear Dreams

This is the most calming bedtime story to help a little one drift off peacefully or settle back to sleep after a troubling dream. Polar bears dream about bright snowflakes, hot chocolate and... cold pizza?
-- Mother & Baby

I can’t read the words without hearing them spoken in a warm, hushed voice. … They could comfortably stand alone as poetry … The art is wonderfully well composed. The second to last double-page spread is a print waiting to adorn a dozen thousand nursery walls.  There’s another that could become the most brilliant bookends.  It’s clear, clean, simple, endearing … calming, arctic oasis of loveliness…

-- Armadillo Magazine

The idea of opposites is playfully and engagingly introduced across a stylishly illustrated story of a curious polar bear and her mama. Features delicately textured surfaces and artwork that is both contemporary and pleasingly retro
-- Boeken Route