With a little ingenuity, some resourcefulness and a whole lot of heart, Pearl solves her own dilemma. Children and adults alike will cheer as she rushes to school to share her rosy success.  Schmid’s follow-up to A Pet for Petunia proves he is a talent to watch.  -- Kirkus
 Young readers will immediately relate to Percy and his dilemma, and they will cheer when he independently comes up with a messy but successful solution.  Just right for preschoolers, who will giggle at the gently humorous ending and see a bit of themselves in this utterly charming creature.   -- Kirkus
 Received a starred review from the notoriously formidable Kirkus Reviews, and was called one of the Best Books of the Year by Bank Street Books in New York City.  My favorite response came from teacher Kate Sullivan, who wrote: "Best part of my 1st day: the looks on 17 first grade faces when they realized what happens when Oliver says 'Munch, munch.'"
 ... the art and simple story line capture the possibilities of imagination and the tender but often tenuous nature of playtime dynamics. ...a good choice for group sharing.  -- School Library Journal:
 "A  simple, beguiling story greatly enhanced by pictures by an artist with a superb eye for line & composition.  Bravo Paul!"  --Maurice Sendak  "...made me laugh out loud - Petunia's smile is infectious & the denouement is spot on."  --Nancy Pearl  If you asked me to name the picture book I have recommended to the most kids during 2011, the answer would spring from my mouth in one billionth of a second: A PET FOR PETUNIA. Paul Schmid deserves one of my paychecks, because he makes my job easier. Whenever I find Petunia in the book drop, I dance around the library singing its praises to anyone who will listen. -- Mr. Schu  "...matches a charming girl named Petunia with a thoroughly inappropriate pet..." -- The New York Times. 
 Schmid has crafted a fun, well-paced read-aloud. ...  Petunia will charm children and adults alike.  -- School Library Journal
 "... the simplicity of both the words and the pictures creates a charming, toddler-sized ode to man's best friend." --Booklist  • Listed in CCBC Choices 2016 by the Cooperative Children's Book Center  • Awarded a 2015 Blue Ribbon from the The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
 ... the black and white line drawings do echo Silverstein, but there's often more than meets the eye.  They have a childlike whimsy and an innocence about them, his characters all blobby and bendy and spindly at the same time.  And there are the odd details that beg you to dig further  -- The Excelsior File
 "It's an age-old problem: Two children, one ball. Wars have arisen over less." -  New York Times    Starred review:  "...simple but eye-catching illustrations have a childlike charm and capture the unique personality of each little girl. -  School Library Journal
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